How are we different from a software consultancy firm?

We get that question a lot as our end product is somewhat similar to what they would offer you. We distinguish ourselves from them based on the vision. We are not creating the product for you, we are creating it for us. Our interest is not only in creating a product you wanted, we want to create a product that is successful. We brainstorm to see how we can improve the product to make it a better market fit. We go above and beyond to make it happen. Unlike traditional software consulting models our interests are not limited to the product deployment, we are partners in the product and thus our long term interests are always aligned with that of the other co-founders.

Our development is offered at cost price (and overheads) and thus the only way we can keep our lights on for long is by creating products that make our equity valuable. Therefore, it is never our goal to just deploy a product and be done with it. As you might have noticed on our homepage banners, we “Think, Build, Release” (TBR) and then monitor how users interact with the system. The monitoring gives us feedback and then we reiterate the entire TBR process if the users are not behaving as we expected them.

Dinesh Agarwal is an academician turned entrepreneur. He got his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Georgia State University where he also started his first venture Bookup to help students save money on college textbooks. He is also the founder of Pro Start Me, a service for entrepreneurs to realize their tech based ideas into products. Got a great idea? Let us talk