Pro Start Me is an absolutely unique and valuable concept which will be modeled after in the future, but good luck competing with Dinesh and his team. Dinesh is easy to vet as a top tier and PhD’d programmer himself, and he’s in the best possible position to find promising locals who together make up exactly the solution that quality idea people need. Pro Start Me has proven extraordinarily capable of product creation, building a fully functioning MVP in just 2 months build with best practice. I was lucky to catch him in the early stages of his startup (thanks Reddit), and I’m looking forward to growing up together in business as partners.

Dinesh Agarwal is an academician turned entrepreneur. He got his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Georgia State University where he also started his first venture Bookup to help students save money on college textbooks. He is also the founder of Pro Start Me, a service for entrepreneurs to realize their tech based ideas into products. Got a great idea? Let us talk