• Pro Start Me is an absolutely unique and valuable concept which will be modeled after in the future, but good luck competing with Dinesh and his team. Dinesh is easy to vet as a top tier and PhD'd programmer himself, and he's in the best possible position to find promising locals who together make up exactly the solution that quality idea people need. Pro Start Me has proven extraordinarily capable of product creation, building a fully functioning MVP in just 2 months build with best practice. I was lucky to catch him in the early stages of his startup (thanks Reddit), and I'm looking forward to growing up together in business as partners.
    Victoria Chu, CEO - http://strayte.com
  • Working with ProStartme and their team over the last few months has been outstanding. I was hesitant to work with them at first but ProStartme proved themselves by building a working prototype for me within a week. It's not like hiring a free lancer and hoping for the best, Dinesh took care of the technical details so I didn't have to. I like his business model and would recommend him to someone starting or growing their company.
    David Uram, http://mindstack.co/
  • After working with Pro Start Me over the past few months they have far exceeded any expectation we had for them. Dinesh not only helped bring our idea to fruition, but his feedback and thought process made the user experience in the app better than when we first presented it to him. The startup as a service business model that Dinesh has developed for Pro Start Me is quite unique and will certainly be modeled after in the future due to his teams high performance and unmatchable operation costs. Dinesh and his team are not freelancers; they are a team of world-class developers that can deliver any task at hand in record time. Dinesh and his team are truly a diamond in the rough and anyone is fortunate to partner with him. I would highly recommend Pro Start Me to any entrepreneur looking for a highly efficient and effective tech team. Thank you, looking forward to growing our product with you!
    Brad Smith, http://ZonedIn.ca/
  • "People at Pro Start Me are world class software engineers. I find Dinesh, the CEO of Pro Start Me, as a skilled Chief Technical Officer. Above all, Dinesh is a patient teacher who will show you how to become a great CTO in your own right. I couldn't have launched my startup without support from Pro Start Me!"
    Jay Moran, CEO - http://Bookup.co/