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How We Convert Your Ideas Into Real Products


Every idea can be the beginning of a new business. At this stage we help you assess the feasibility, and design a plan of action to turn your idea into a product.

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Your idea, ready for customers. With the plan of action finished, we execute it for you. It’s important to test the idea, quickly launching a first version, and improving it.

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Once the product is stable, we will work with you on new features, details, and growth strategies. From this point on, it’s all about scaling and moving forward to optimize the product and reach the widest market possible.

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Pro Start Me: We are entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs.


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Customer Testimonials

  • Working with ProStartme and their team over the last few months has been outstanding. I was hesitant to work with them at first but ProStartme proved themselves by building a working prototype for me within a week. It's not like hiring a free lancer and hoping for the best, Dinesh took care of the technical details so I didn't have to. I like his business model and would recommend him to someone starting or growing their company.
    David Uram, Mindstack
  • "People at Pro Start Me are world class software engineers. I find Dinesh, the CEO of Pro Start Me, as a skilled Chief Technical Officer. Above all, Dinesh is a patient teacher who will show you how to become a great CTO in your own right. I couldn't have launched my startup without support from Pro Start Me!"
    Jay Moran, CEO - http://Bookup.co/
  • Pro Start Me is an absolutely unique and valuable concept which will be modeled after in the future, but good luck competing with Dinesh and his team. Dinesh is easy to vet as a top tier and PhD'd programmer himself, and he's in the best possible position to find promising locals who together make up exactly the solution that quality idea people need. Pro Start Me has proven extraordinarily capable of product creation, building a fully functioning MVP in just 2 months build with best practice. I was lucky to catch him in the early stages of his startup (thanks Reddit), and I'm looking forward to growing up together in business as partners.
    Victoria Chu, CEO - http://strayte.com

Recent Projects

Fan Harvest

Fan Harvest

Fan HarvestFan Harvest is a tool that allows you to find your competitors’ most active and engaging customers. You can then take these users and show your ads to them to get most from your facebook ads. We have seen such great CTR that our customers sent us testimonials before we even asked them. Read more..



Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 6.24.10 AMBookup – never pay for textbooks again is a novel way to connect students to buy, sell and trade used textbooks. Bookup’s proprietary algorithm, proudly created by the team of Pro Start Me, can matche students based on a number of factors that includes book condition, price, Bookup score of the buyer and seller, ease of transaction, and physical distance between involved students. Read more..


Plus Karma


karma logo short
Plus Karma – humanity against cancer project helps organizations of all sizes to accumulate “Good Karma” by donating “Karmaveers” (compute power) to help researchers cure Cancer. The organizations get a badge to display on their websites with their Karma score updated in real time. Read more..


Mindstack Connect


mindstack-logo-bigMindstack Connect is a social job portal that puts job seekers in the driver seat of the hiring process. Job seekers can invite their friends and family to recommend them by liking (fb), tweeting (twitter), or recommending (linkedin) for a particular job. Every such action gets the job seeker one vote and thus it becomes easier for employers to find the most dedicated job seekers who really want to work with their organization. Read more..


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User Interface Design
Coding and Implementation
Cloud and Big Data
Behavior Monitoring
Product Testing
Feature Extension
Team Building



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Ruby on Rails
API Integration
Cloud Integration
Adobe Creative Suite