What do we expect from Idea people?

A great partnership starts when all parties bring unique skills to the table. A great product (can we please dub it “unicorn” for this answers sake?) is usually made when everything was perfect. Such Unicorns cannot exist without all required skills within the core team. We bring the technical expertise and we expect our partners to bring domain expertise, business development and marketing skills to the table. While business development can be a learn as you do thing, there are no alternatives to domain expertise and marketing. Therefore, a great partner would have decent experience in the domain we are pursuing and would have enough connections in the industry to get enough people to test the idea and then potentially sell it. Above all, the entrepreneur must be after the idea because it is his/her passion.

Dinesh Agarwal is an academician turned entrepreneur. He got his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Georgia State University where he also started his first venture Bookup to help students save money on college textbooks. He is also the founder of Pro Start Me, a service for entrepreneurs to realize their tech based ideas into products. Got a great idea? Let us talk