Personalized textbook marketplace for students

Client: Date: August 31, 2013 Category: View Project

Bookup is a novel way to connect students to buy, sell and trade used textbooks. Bookup’s proprietary algorithm, proudly created by the team of Pro Start Me, can matche students based on a number of factors that includes book condition, price, Bookup score of the buyer and seller, ease of transaction, and physical distance between involved students. The algorithm outputs a cumulative score that ranks matches on a scale of 1 through 100. This is the distinguishing feature of Bookup that has helped it gain traction in such a crowded market. Take a look at bookup at their website.

Bookup is very efficiently coded as a modular project with seamless integration with design for both large and small screens. The responsiveness of Bookup obviates the need for a separate app for mobile phones. Bookup is coded using PHP and it uses clearDB to hold its data. Bookup is hosted on Windows Azure cloud platform. Bookup uses mailchimp for staying in touch with its users and newsletter subscribers.

Bookup has already enjoyed recognition that includes a presentation slot in Startup Riot 2013, Atlanta’s top technology startup event; finalist status in Microsoft Imagine Cup, a national student technology competition; membership in the Atlanta Technology Development Center, Georgia Tech’s startup accelerator; and status as a BizSpark startup, an honor conferred by Microsoft.