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Date: January 9, 2014 Category:

Mindstack connect for job seekers

Mindstack Connect wants the job seekers to be in control of the hiring process. We know that searching for a job is a full-time job in and of itself, so why don’t job seekers have more control over the process? No longer do they just submit a resume and wait to hear back. They now have the power to get recognized above the crowd with our connect ranking system, which puts them in the driver seat to land the job. The way it works is that ajob seeker gets his/her network of friends and family to help them out by Tweeting, Liking and Recommending them. The more people who do this the better chance they have to be recognized by an employer and into the interview.

Mindstack Connect for employers

Mindstack Connect is designed to make the candidate jump off the screen and into the interview so employers don’t need to source through a pile of resumes to find the best one. By having the job seekers take the time and effort to rank up and stand out using our Mindstack connect ranking system job seekers show employers that they are not just sending them a resume because it’s a simple upload button (it’s not with Mindstack connect) but they are applying because they are motivated to work for the organization.

What speaks better for the product more than results? Check out this posting where job seekers applied for the job and the motivated ones ranked to the top.

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