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7 Best Startup Explainer Videos You Should Know

explainer videos

Explainer videos have been used widely to promote a brand. Since the success of Dollar Shave Club’s iconic explainer video, many startups try to use the same tactic to improve their business and hopefully the same exposure will follow.

Unlike mediocre, written content on the internet, explainer videos rely on catchy illustrations that attract viewers from the get-go. The compelling story and clear narration also help customers understand the message better.

Today, incorporating explainer videos has become mandatory for marketers when running a campaign—regardless of the industry they belong to. As this video content has proven to be one of the most effective tools to convert leads, which is crucial for your startup business.

The benefit of explainer videos

Explainer videos are great tool to convert leads into customers. The additional marketing copy at the end of the video can urge viewers to take action immediately.

That’s why it’s unsurprising when many startups compete to create the best marketing video, or even incorporate custom QR codes, to effectively connect with the target audience.

However, explainer videos are more than just a sales tool for businesses. There are other benefits that you can reap from using this engaging type of video.

Drive engagement

This form of video content is excellent in keeping the audience engaged throughout the play. Since every explainer video is equipped with a unique visual representation, viewers will find it helpful to grasp the message by listening and watching the information simultaneously.

Increase SEO rank

SEO is critical for every establishing startup. A good SEO score will help the business land strategically on the SERP. When you rank better on the search engine, customers will find your brand quickly.

Using video content helps your site get on top of the SERP. The search engine can easily identify your explainer videos, then index them to their database so users can discover your blog much easier.

Top explainer videos for startups you should recreate

Thanks to the internet. There are a bunch of video editing tools you can utilize to create your own explain videos hassle-free. So, if you are looking for inspiration for your next explainer video campaign, here are the seven best video examples you may want to replicate.

1. Ucella

This is an example of a live-action explainer video. With an actor showcasing the product, it makes the information way more digestible.

Ucella itself is a smart mailbox that allows the owner to receive a package, post, and other deliveries in a safe way. Since the traditional mailbox is too small to keep all the big packages, the postman often leaves them at the front door where most of the time, they get stolen.

With Ucella, people can now feel safe when ordering items from Amazon or eBay. They can even leave the house and rest assured that the package is delivered safely.

This explainer video is so fun to watch as it gets to the point. The narration is also humorous, making it more comfortable to watch the advertisement.

2. Airbnb

Airbnb produces a great combination of live-action and animation video that most startups prefer to stay out of this genre. Creating both versions of explainer videos can be difficult for many brands as it takes a longer time to mix and edit the shoot.

This type of content is best handled by an explainer video company to get the best result. The animation, for the most part, requires a studio and advanced software to make. While you can shoot the live version on your own, you may need an expert to render both versions.

Airbnb seamlessly describes its features to help people have a memorable vacation. With an intriguing live character, viewers can resonate with the content quickly.

3. Moov

Back again with a live-action explainer video. This marketing content fantastically displays how a small wristband helps you track your daily exercise. Unlike typical smartwatches, this wristband is way more unique as it can monitor various workout activities.

This explainer video has gone further by giving off exercise-like content that viewers can quickly connect with. With actors displaying different types of movement, people can get into the brand’s journey by learning what the product can be used for.

4. HealMate

HealMate is an app to track your health. This platform is greatly described in an explainer video using animation characters that fit the narration.

The story follows a working woman who ignores her well-being until one day she gets sick. She then finds HealMate that helps monitor her symptoms and habits to let the doctor know when she is set to discharge from the hospital.

The animated 3D elements are excellent for delivering complex narration. Since health and well-being are among the hard topics to understand, the animation can help break them down into more digestible information.

5. Luna Sleep

This startup uses another live-action video to describe its product. Luna Sleep is an intelligent mattress cover that helps you set the right temperature for your body. The mattress cover will learn your sleep habit and make it more comfortable by giving you the condition you need.

This explainer video is highly efficient as it acts as a tool to introduce the brand and emphasizes the product features. When watching this video, viewers will feel like seeing a company profile and product demo video at the same time. This is a great approach for when you’re looking for a way to cut production costs as you create two important messages on one video.

6. Frigo

This app will help you take care of your grocery shopping conveniently. Frigo is a personal grocery shopping concierge where you can track and monitor your purchase.

Sometimes people can get distracted when shopping offline, which results in them buying something that isn’t on the list. With Frigo, customers can note down essential lists to buy and get notified when the grocery is going to expire soon.

The Frigo explainer video is short and concise. Without having too many shots, viewers can understand what the narrator is trying to imply.

7. Unroll.Me

Unroll.Me promotional video is a great example of mixing product features and customer testimonials at the same time. This app allows users to manage their fully-loaded inbox with an unnecessary email from brands. Users can easily unsubscribe and filter the most important email in their inbox.

This explainer video is so unique as it includes real users to experience the app in real-time. They also leave reviews about the app, which are often seen in testimonial videos. Over all, this live-action video is straight to the point and gives a clear solution to its target audience.

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Explainer videos have proven to help businesses improve their growth by converting more customers, including new startup businesses. That’s why marketers are now considering using video content more for their promotion rather than any form of other content.

Whether it’s animation or live-action, both versions work effectively for a marketing campaign. Depending on your startup business preference and target audience, you can implement any of the versions to improve your promotional tactic.

This explainer video list will help you find inspiration when making one. Check out which startup explainer videos catch your attention the most.

Dinesh Agarwal transitioned from academia to entrepreneurship. After earning his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Georgia State University in Atlanta, he developed a passion for creating products with transformative potential in their respective sectors. While he has seen moderate achievements, he believes he has much more to offer.

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